Jhonen Vasquez Reads Surreality

by sexy dubs

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Hey guys, whats up?

It's me, famous Goth Comic Artist Jhonen Vasquez!

Today it's the first episode of my new YouTube.com series of Goth Comic reviews, "Jhonen Vasquez Reviewz the New Goth Comics"!

Today, we'll be looking at the ledgendary "Surreality"!

I've never read this before in my life so this is a first-time experience, for me!

All right! Let's check it out!

Oh, wow! Look at this! Wow, this is just crazy!

Goth Comic Wild Mastermind Ashes! Oh wow...


Oh man, I gotta see Ashe's blog! This must be some kinda wild blogging experience!

Woah, hey wait a minute, what the heck! This is just sixty...sev -- this is just six hundred pages of posts saying "Oh, I hate Jhonen Vasquez!"

Oh my god! Oh, I'm so crushed! Oh no! Oh, this is the worst thing that's ever happened to me in my life!

Ashes, why! Why do you hate me so much, why'd you do this to me?



released February 18, 2015
jonan vesquez